Accession Number : ADP000782

Title :   Treatment of High-Strength Organic Wastes by Submerged Media Anaerobic Reactors State-of-the-Art Review,


Personal Author(s) : Wu,Yeun C. ; Kennedy,John C. ; Gaudy,A. F. , Jr. ; Smith,Ed. D.

Report Date : 1982

Pagination or Media Count : 27

Abstract : The advantages inherent in the anaerobic filtration process suggest that it is worthy of consideration as a basis for full scale waste treatment facilities. The fixed film anaerobic process is well suited to handling large organic loads. High COD removals can be achieved, particularly with high strength wastes, without the high operating costs that are associated with other treatment operations which use aeration or physical-chemical methods. Anaerobic digesters also product a useable methane gas which could be used to heat the reactors. The methane production is almost certain to be well in excess of the necessary requirements for heating purposes and could possibly be used for additional heating of the treatment facility. Research has shown that the filter can successfully treat many types of waste efficiently. More quantitative data from field installations and laboratory pilot plants are needed to establish design criteria for this treatment process.

Descriptors :   *Waste water, *Waste treatment, *Water treatment, FAcilities, Aerobic processes, Anaerobic processes, Filtration, Films, Case studies, Filters, Solids, Oxygen consumption, Toxicity

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