Accession Number : ADP000796

Title :   The Effects of Hydraulic Variation on Fixed Film Reactor Performance,


Personal Author(s) : Ball,Roy O.

Report Date : 1982

Pagination or Media Count : 33

Abstract : Rather than describe the performance of fixed film reactors in general; the objective of this paper is to describe the response of two attached growth system, viz. Rotating biological contactor (RBC) and trickling filter (TF) to hydraulic variation. For each system, a mathematical model was selected based on a review of available models and theoretical analysis of the unit processes involved. The model parameters were then bounced, i.e., the range of probable values that a parameter could take were defined. The models were then arranged with effluent quality (in these cases, soluble BOD concentration) as the dependent variable and influent flow rate as the principal independent variable. The models were then exercised over the range of probable parameter values and the output, i.e., the variation in effluent quality, was graphically displayed as a function of flow rate and any other independent variables used in the model.

Descriptors :   *Waste water, *Waste treatment, *Water treatment, Films, Activated sludge process, Filters, Effluents, Facilities, Flow rate, Mathematical models, Parameters

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