Accession Number : ADP000933

Title :   MSW-Potential Systems Applications,


Personal Author(s) : Wahi,Pradeep ; Turski,Zygmond

Report Date : JAN 1983

Pagination or Media Count : 6

Abstract : Electronic Warfare and Telecom systems operating at microwave frequencies often require low loss fixed and variable delay lines. Development of SAW devices addressed the needs in the low end of microwave spectrum, i.e., below 2 GHz. Bulk acoustic waves, however, have been successful above 2 GHz but these are quite expensive. The idea to use planar, SAW like technology above 2 GHz was revived with the appearance of MSSW devices. Magnetostatic waves travel at velocities much slower than ordinary EM waves and an order of magnitude faster than the acoustic waves facilitating, therefore, realization of transducer geometries. Of course, the ease of tuning the frequency with varying magnetic field makes MSW devices useful in many narrow band applications. Extensive work done indicates that all the magnetostatic modes are associated with varying degree of dispersion. The dispersion in three main modes, surface wave, forward volume wave and backward volume wave, can be controlled by magnetic field, proximity of the ground plane and thickness of the film. This paper describes two applications where dispersion is of great interest. In the first case only the magnitude of dispersion is important and the maximization of the dispersion was attempted.

Descriptors :   *Magnetostatics, *Wave propagation, *Dispersions, *Signal processing, *Optical communications, Microwave frequency, Yttrium iron garnet, Films, Delay lines, Electronic warfare, Telecommunications, Tuning, Magnetic fields, Narrowband, Thick films

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