Accession Number : ADP000955

Title :   Performance of Expendable Sound Velocity, Temperature (XSVT) Probes,


Personal Author(s) : Lovett,Jack R.

Report Date : FEB 1980

Pagination or Media Count : 14

Abstract : The development of the expendable sound velocimeter, temperature (XSVT) probe makes possible the computation of a salinity. A depth equation for the XSVT is determined, but evidence indicates that the fall rate may vary with temperature related kinematic viscosity changes. Such depth (pressure) errors may adversely affect computed salinity if not accounted for. The simultaneous measurement of sound velocity and temperature shows the effect of pin-hole wire leaks on other-wise difficult to detect temperature bias errors. The experiment uncovered an erroneous sound velocity (mirrored in salinity) gradient in the first 50 m, that biases the subsequent salinity values. The deck unit degraded the temperature signal, a condition since corrected by the manufacturer. Evaluated as an antisubmarine warfare device, the XSVT discloses both benefits and disadvantages over the XBT.

Descriptors :   *Oceanographic equipment, *Measuring instruments, *Salinity, *Data acquisition, *Performance(Engineering), Expendable, Prototypes, Velocimeters, Temperature measuring instruments, Depth, Viscosity, Quadratic equations, Error analysis, Measurement

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