Accession Number : ADP000990

Title :   Fast Generation of Three-Dimensional Computational Boundary-Conforming Periodic Grids of C-Type,


Personal Author(s) : Dulikravich,Djordje S.

Report Date : 1982

Pagination or Media Count : 22

Abstract : A fast computer program, GRID3C, has been developed to generate multilevel three-dimensional, C-type, periodic, boundary conforming grids for the calculation of realistic turbomachinery and propeller flow fields. The technique is based on two analytic functions that conformally map a cascade of semiinfinite slits to a cascade of doubly infinite strips on different Riemann sheets. Up to four consecutively refined three-dimensional grids can be automatically generated and permanently stored on four different computer tapes. Grid nonorthogonality is introduced by a separate coordinate shearing and stretching performed in each of three coordinate directions. The grids can be easily clustered closer to the blade surface, the trailing and leading edges and the hub or shroud regions by changing appropriate input parameters. Hub and duct (or outer free boundary) can have different axisymmetric shapes. A vortex sheet of arbitrary thickness emanating smoothly from the blade trailing edge is generated automatically by GRID3C. Blade cross-sectional shape, chord length, twist angle, sweep angle, and dihedral angle can vary in an arbitrary smooth fashion in the spanwise direction. Input coordinates must be Cartesian, while the output grid coordinates can be Cartesian or cylindrical. (Author)

Descriptors :   *Grids(Coordinates), *Flow fields, *Computations, *Computer programs, *Propeller blades, Three dimensional, Partial differential equations, Aerodynamic configurations, Cartesian coordinates, Turbomachinery, Propellers, Conformal mapping, Partial differential equations, Rotors, Airfoils, Trailing edges

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