Accession Number : ADP001016

Title :   An Electric Theory of Osmosis for Dilute Saline Solutions,


Personal Author(s) : Buttz,Donald L.

Report Date : FEB 1983

Pagination or Media Count : 33

Abstract : Osmosis can be redefined in electrical terms and can be explained by an electrostatic model. A formula for the variation of the dielectric coefficient with temperature is developed for water. A relationship for the osmotic pressures of dilute saline solutions is put forth as a theoretical result, given the volume, temperature, number of moles, and average interionic distance. This theory assumes that the interionic distances are sufficiently large such that the osmotic pressure is proportional to the concentration at constant temperature. This paper describes osmosis through physical electrostatic theory as opposed to the usual chemical diffusion theory. A generalized mathematical model is developed which has application to osmosis for dilute saline solution. (Author)

Descriptors :   *Mathematical models, *Osmosis, *Electrostatics, Osmotic pressure, Computations, Tables(Data), Dielectrics, Saline solution, Dilution, Experimental data

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