Accession Number : ADP001020

Title :   The Evolution of a Gas Bubble in a Closed Volume of Stirred Liquid,


Personal Author(s) : Tikuisis,Peter ; Ward,Charles A.

Report Date : FEB 1983

Pagination or Media Count : 16

Abstract : The rate of bubble evolution and hence the rate of mass transport across a curved liquid-gas interface has been examined both theoretically and experimentally. The closed liquid volume constraint provides the mechanism by which the gas bubble may be placed initially in a state of stable equilibrium, thus allowing an accurate determination of the system parameters. The stirred liquid condition is measured with the use of laser-doppler anemometry. Through an experimental examination on the complete dissolution of nitrogen gas bubbles in water, the mechanism of mass transport is shown to be consistent with a model comprised of two processes: (1) the primary and rate-limiting process is modelled by the diffusion of gas through an unstirred liquid boundary layer whose thickness varies with bubble radius, and (2) a second-order limitation is shown to be due to the condition of non-equilibrium of the gas component at the phase boundary. The non-linearity of mass transport is shown to increase as curvature of the liquid-gas interface increases. (Author)

Descriptors :   *Bubbles, *Gases, *Liquids, *Interfaces, *Equations, Evolution(Development), Boundary layer, Boundary value problems, Diffusion, Dissolving, Solutions(Mixtures), Nitrogen, Volumetric analysis, Stirrers, Water

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