Accession Number : ADP001059

Title :   A Numerical Study of the Influence of the New England Seamount Chain on the Gulf Stream: Preliminary Results,


Personal Author(s) : Thompson,J. Dana ; Hurlburt,Harley E.

Report Date : APR 1982

Pagination or Media Count : 17

Abstract : There is growing evidence that the New England Seamount Chain significantly influences the path of the Gulf Stream, deflecting it southeastward and generating large meanders downstream. A ring meander extending southward or southeastward near the seamounts also appears to be a semi-permanent feature (Richardson, 1981). Whether the ring remains attached to the stream for long periods of time or whether it repeatedly separates and reattaches is not known. The dynamics of the interaction of the NESC with the Gulf Stream is the focus of this research. Important similarities exist between this problem and the influence of large amplitude topography on the Loop Current in the Gulf of Mexico. There instabilities of the Loop Current in the upper layer produce large anticyclonic rings which in turn tend to drive modons in the lower layer. Back interaction of these modons with the Loop Current provides a mechanism by which topographic control is exerted on the path of the upper layer eddies and the Loop Current. Preliminary results from an ensemble of reduced-gravity and two-layer primitive equation experiments are presented which demonstrate how these dynamics may be appropriate for understanding the influence of the NESC on the Gulf Stream. (Author)

Descriptors :   *Gulf Stream, *Seamounts, Interactions, Hydrodynamics, Ocean models

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