Accession Number : ADP001080

Title :   Regulator Design for Linear Systems Whose Coefficients Depend on Parameters,


Personal Author(s) : Kamen,E. W. ; Khargonekar,P. P.

Report Date : OCT 1982

Pagination or Media Count : 8

Abstract : In control system design, it is often the case that the structure of the system is known, but some of the coefficients of the system equations are functions of parameters that cannot be determined until the system is in operation. For systems whose coefficients depend on parameters, a major problem of interest is the design of controllers or regulators which satisfy a given set of performance specifications for all possible values of the parameters. In this paper we shall concentrate on the design of regulators to achieve tracking and/or disturbance rejection for all possible values of the parameters. The gains in the regulators will be functions of the parameters. To be able to implement the gains for real-time operation, they must be 'nice' functions of the parameters, such as polynomial functions. We shall give conditions which insure that tracking and disturbance rejection can be accomplished using polynomial gains, and then indicate how the polynomial gains can be computed off-line.

Descriptors :   *Control theory, *Weapon systems, *Symposia, Control systems, Tracking, Regulators, Linear systems

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