Accession Number : ADP001178

Title :   Expertness from Structured Text? Reconsider: A Diagnostic Prompting Program,


Personal Author(s) : Tuttle,Mark S. ; Sherertz,David D. ; Blois,Marsden S. ; Nelson,Stuart

Report Date : 01 FEB 1983

Pagination or Media Count : 8

Abstract : Reconsider is an interactive diagnostic prompting which uses simple information retrieval techniques to prompt a physician regarding possible diagnoses, given a list of positive patient findings. Its knowledge base consists of 'structured text' definitions of 3262 diseases and a synonym dictionary. Patient findings, and their synonyms, are matched against inverted files of terms from the disease descriptions, the number and selectivity of the patient findings matching terms in a given disease description determine that disease's 'score', and the matched diseases are sorted on this score to form a preliminary differential diagnosis. Definitions of diseases can be referenced for viewing by name, or by their position in a differential. While its first formal evaluation is not yet complete, the performance of RECONSIDER continues to exceed the expectations of user and designer alike.

Descriptors :   *Computer programs, *Computer aided diagnosis, *Information retrieval, *Medical computer applications, Symposia, Text processing, Artificial intelligence, Data bases, Dictionaries, Diseases, Diagnosis(Medicine), Matching, Man computer interface, Natural language, Computational linguistics

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