Accession Number : ADP001217

Title :   Stereo Matching from the Topological Viewpoint,


Personal Author(s) : Blicher,A. Peter

Report Date : JUN 1983

Pagination or Media Count : 5

Abstract : A unifying abstract mathematical structure is presented for a number of vision problems, notably stereo, motion stereo, optic flow, and matching. Ideas from modern differential topology are presented and applied to the general matching problem, a common approach to stereo matching. Analogously to the Erlanger Programm, the task of computer vision can be viewed as finding invariants of irradiance functions under the rigid motion group of R sub 3. This paper describes this structure in the language of modern abstract mathematics, providing a framework for understanding and the possibility of applying powerful methods to resolve fundamental questions. The author proves a theorem which says that occlusion-free stereo matching requires at least 2 color dimensions or some knowledge of the imaging geometry.

Descriptors :   *Mathematical models, *Vision, *Differential topology, Matching, Geometry, Images, Problem solving, Theorems

Distribution Statement : APPROVED FOR PUBLIC RELEASE