Accession Number : ADP001408

Title :   Development of the Job Reading Test (JRT),


Personal Author(s) : Claudy,John G.

Report Date : 1981

Pagination or Media Count : 9

Abstract : This presentation describes the development, validation and standardization of three parallel forms of a short, multiple-choice test of job-related reading skills. The test was built specifically to measure skill in performing Army job reading tasks, i.e., skill at obtaining the information which a soldier needs to perform actual job tasks by reading the Army printed material which is furnished to provide that job information. Each form of the test contains materials representing the four types of Army job reading tasks identified in prior research (Locating Job Information in an Index, in Tables and Charts, and in Narrative Descriptions; and Following Procedural Directions), and the reading passages were drawn equally from Army publications used in six major, high-density MOS clusters (Clerk, Combat, Communications, Cook, Mechanic, and Medical). A simplified test format was developed to reduce administrative problems which might hinder some soldiers in taking the test, and testing time was held to forty minutes. Norm tables were developed to convert raw scores to their percentile equivalents in the standard mobilization base population. (Author)

Descriptors :   *Test construction(Psychology), *Literacy, *Reading, *Comprehension, Aptitude tests, Performance(Human), Cognition, Skills, Job analysis, Requirements, Test methods, Scoring, Ratings, Standard deviation, Statistical analysis, Standardization, Validation, Symposia

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