Accession Number : ADP001506

Title :   The Influence of Crystal Growth Rate and Electrodiffusion (Sweeping) on Point Defects in alpha-Quartz,


Personal Author(s) : Martin,J. J. ; Halliburton,L. E. ; Bossoli,R. B. ; Armington,A. F.

Report Date : 1982

Pagination or Media Count : 5

Abstract : As-grown quartz exhibits OH-related infrared absorption bands at 3585, 3437, and 1/3400 cm when examined at 77 K. We have investigated the strengths of these bands in a series of quartz crystals grown at different rates in the Air Force Hydrothermal Facility at Hanscom AFB. Growth rates were varied from 0.3 to 1.4 mm/day. All three infrared bands listed above were small for crystal growth rates below 0.8 mm/day. However, their strengths increase nearly linearly with growth rates above this value. The industry standard for determining the 'Q value' of quartz is to measure the room temperature infrared absorption at or near 1/3500 cm. Our results indicate that slow growth results in a reduction of the OH bands in this region and should correspond to higher Q material.

Descriptors :   *Frequency, *Control, *Symposia, *Quartz, *Crystals, Infrared spectroscopy, Crystal growth, Crystal defects, Absorption spectra, Band spectra, Rates, Variations, Diffusion

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