Accession Number : ADP001545

Title :   Spectral Characteristics of Single Mode GaAlAs Semiconductor Lasers,


Personal Author(s) : Miles,R. O.

Report Date : 1982

Pagination or Media Count : 6

Abstract : Single mode semiconductor lasers are available with free-running noise characteristics comparable to single mode gas lasers but demonstrate a (1/f)(1/2) dependence. The free running laser diode emission is spread over several MHz with significant frequency instability. Small amounts of feedback on the order of 10 to the minus 7th power to 10 to the minus 5th power enhance laser emission as the line is observed to narrow to approximately 100 kHz accompanied with a substantial increase in frequency stability. Greater amounts of feedback causes rapid deterioration of the emission characteristics. We have investigated single mode GaAlAs semiconductor lasers emitting at 830 nm for use as possible sources in fiber optic sensor systems. These lasers have been characterized in terms of spectral quality, intensity noise and frequency stability. A list of the various lasers including laser structure and special features is shown in Table I. (Author)

Descriptors :   *Frequency, *Control, *Symposia, *Semiconductor lasers, *Gallium arsenides, Aluminum, Spectra, Classification, Gas lasers, Emission spectra, Diodes, Stability

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