Accession Number : ADP001600

Title :   The Man/Machine Interface as Impacted by the Ecology of the Security Person,


Personal Author(s) : Simonsen,Clifford E. ; Schauss,Alexander G.

Report Date : 16 NOV 1982

Pagination or Media Count : 19

Abstract : True scientific inquiry is open to the examination of all possible causes for a specific event. The effectiveness of security programs, as well as many other activities have been shown to have been greatly impacted by the behavior of people. What causes certain kinds of behaviors that denigrate our security posture has been in question by many disciplines. If we choose to exclude many theories because they do not fit a preconceived mold we limit our range of inquiry at a time when even more unusual studies than were discussed herein have begun to provide statistically significant relationships to behavior. Varieties of light, colors, ions in the air, sound patterns and radiations are being explored as well. The prudent security administrator will take the time to examine the results and see for themselves the value of taking better care of the oldest part of the security hardware, man himself.

Descriptors :   *Behavior, *Diet, Nutrition, Area security, Security personnel, Ecology

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