Accession Number : ADP001623

Title :   Rating Consistency and Component Salience in Subjective Workload Estimation,


Personal Author(s) : Hauser,Jan R. ; Childress,Mary E. ; Hart,Sandra G.

Report Date : JAN 1983

Pagination or Media Count : 23

Abstract : Twelve general aviation pilots participated in a two-day experiment performing four tasks intended to load on different cognitive, perceptual, and motor dimensions. The tasks were varied in apparent difficulty level so that each pilot performed a total of sixteen tasks counter-balanced for task and level. Subjective ratings of factors contributing to workload were made immediately following each level of each task using a 15 bipolar adjective scale. Results indicated that the subjective perception of workload was not related to actual performance measures; however, the subjective ratings were generally consistent with the demands made by the levels of each task. Although only two of the rating scale items, own Performance and Task Difficulty, demonstrated significant within-task differences for all four tasks, the majority of rating scales showed within-task differences for those tasks that imposed higher cognitive demands. Strong relationships were found between Overall Workload, Stress Level, and Task Difficulty ratings on all tasks. (Author)

Descriptors :   *Workload, Pilots, Control sticks, Ratings, Estimates, Tracking, Monitoring, Memory(Psychology), Perception, Manual operation, Stress(Physiology), Performance tests, Work measurement, Jobs, Judgement(Psychology)

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