Accession Number : ADP001675

Title :   Ice as an Influence on Compact Line Phase Spacing,


Personal Author(s) : Stewart,James R.

Report Date : JUN 1983

Pagination or Media Count : 8

Abstract : Vertical motion of power transmission conductors caused by the release of accreted ice may limit the minimum vertical conductor separation. In the past, criteria based on static loadings have been used to determine the required clearance. Design based on the dynamics of ice shedding may allow smaller dimensions and additional line compaction. Experimentally tested physical models have produced conductor motion data for lines with and without in-span insulating spacers. Spacers increase the stiffness of the conductor system and reduce the motion to a greater degree than from an equivalent reduction inn span length. Methods now exist for prediction and mitigation of ice-induced conductor motion on compact high voltage transmission lines.

Descriptors :   *Ice formation, *Ice breakup, *Transmission lines, *Static loads, *Cold weather tests, Electric conductors, Electrical insulation, Predictions, Structures, Dynamic response, Loads(Forces), Motion, Environmental tests, Workshops

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