Accession Number : ADP001744

Title :   Simulation of Pressure Waves and Their Effects on Loaded Objects. Part 1. Outlining the Problem, Description of the Simulation Device,


Personal Author(s) : Hoffmann,Guenter ; Behrens,Karsten

Report Date : MAY 1983

Pagination or Media Count : 6

Abstract : Blast wavs generated by detonations of HE or fuel-air-mixtures are characterized by their peak pressure and their overpressure phase duration, i.e. by two parameters. But normally unconfined fuel-air-mixtures will deflagrate generating a pressure time history of a quite different shape. In contrast there is a relatively slow pressure rise up to a peak value followed by a sudden decay into a suction phase the minimum value of which is of the order of the overpressure peak value. The overall duration of this pulse there are more than two parameters necessary for a complete description. Despite the small peak pressure value these waves proved rather dangerous as numerous accidents have shown. Therefore it is desirable to get some insight into the destructive mechanism of these pulses. To be able to do that a special simulation device was developed which will be described. (Author)

Descriptors :   *Blast waves, *Explosion effects, *Simulation, *Structural analysis, Symposia, Simulators, Shock tubes, Detonations, High explosives, Fuel air ratio, Mixtures, Overpressure, Peak values, Pressure, Deflagration

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