Accession Number : ADP001845

Title :   Effects of Dexamethasone and Phorbol Myristate Acetate on the Induction of Differentiation in Mouse Erythroleukemic Cells by Dimethyl Sulfoxide, Proteases, and Other Compounds,


Personal Author(s) : Scher,William ; Waxman,Samuel

Report Date : JUN 1983

Pagination or Media Count : 11

Abstract : Lines DS-19 and 5-86, each derived from line 745, when tested for their responses to various inducers and inhibitors of differentiation, shared some characteristics, but differed in others. In particular, DS-19 was markedly induced to differentiate by actinomycin D whereas 5-86 was only slightly affected. The patterns of the ability of PMA to influence induction and cell multiplication by various inducing agents differed in the two lines. The pattern of DEX inhibition of differentiation was similar in the two lines Notably, DEX markedly inhibited induction due to all of the induces tested except protease V8, actinomycin D, PGE, and butyrate and its fatty acid analogues that were tested. DEX stimulated growth during its inhibition of induction by DMSO and many other inducers, but reduced cell multiplication in the presence of butyrate. PMA inhibited induction by most of the inducers tested in DS-19 cells except for some of the fatty acids. The inhibition by PMA generally was accompanied by cytotoxicity in DS-19 cells, but not in 5-86 cells. PMA markedly inhibited differentiation by only 5 of the inducing agents tested in 5-86 cells, but was not as cytotoxic in this line.

Descriptors :   *Methyl sulfoxide, Symposia, Leukemia, Cells(Biology), Mice

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