Accession Number : ADP001893

Title :   Anomalies of Ocular Refraction in Relation to Stay in Confined Space,


Personal Author(s) : Giacomoni,Louis A.

Report Date : 01 JUN 1983

Pagination or Media Count : 5

Abstract : Staying a long time aboard a submarine develops a visual constraint connected with the permanent artificial lighting and the restricted and monotonous character of the visual environment. On the first patrols of our nuclear submarines, submariners complained about visual discomfort. Some complained that during the days following their return from patrol they could not see as well as usual and that they had difficulties in driving at night. The specialists who examined these subjects, generally two weeks later, could not observe any objective anomaly. We took advantage of the NEBALLIA experiments to make a brief study of visual functions. 18 subjects were confined on three successive occasions for continuous periods of 45 days in an artificially lit chamber. Our whole experimentation was made on 18 men ranging in age from 19 to 32 years. Nine of them were emmetropic, six were myopic, two were hypermetropic and the last suffered from a mild myopic astigmatism. Each subject was submitted to six successive examinations, on an average. Should our results confirmed, it will be advisable to take some preventive measures aboard submarines. Such measures might involves a change in the environment so as to provide the submariners with distant visual centers of interest and to enable them to carry out true accommodation exercises.

Descriptors :   *Visual defects, Submarine personnel, Eye, Refraction, Confined environments, Illumination, Exposure(Physiology), Adaptation(Physiology), Night vision, Anomalies, France

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