Accession Number : ADP001954

Title :   Transonic Flowfield Computation Using a Modified Shock-Point Operator,


Personal Author(s) : Chen,L. T.

Report Date : 1982

Pagination or Media Count : 16

Abstract : The development of higher-order finite-difference schemes for application to transonic wing-body flow calculations is described. These schemes treat supersonic flows and shocks more accurately than most existing schemes. A transformed full potential equation in a general curvilinear coordinate system is derived, and higher-order operators are introduced. A new shock-point operator produces Mach number jumps at a shock that agree reasonably well with Rankine-Hugoniot values. Second-and third-order, quasi-conservative, and fully conservative schemes are thereby developed for general geometries where flow directions can be approximately aligned with coordinate lines in supersonic regions. The fully conservative schemes are developed by modifying an existing finite-volume algorithm, while the quasi-conservative schemes are developed by solving the transformed full potential equation directly with the addition of the second-and third-order artificial viscosities at supersonic points, and the corresponding first- and second-order shock-point operators at shock points.

Descriptors :   *Transonic flow, *Flow fields, Wing body configurations, Finite difference theory, Computations, Shock waves, Boundary layer, Mach number

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