Accession Number : ADP001967

Title :   Heavy Metal Modulation of Lymphocyte and Macrophage Activity,


Personal Author(s) : Lawrence,David A. ; Mitchell,Douglas ; Rudofsky,Ulrich

Report Date : AUG 1983

Pagination or Media Count : 17

Abstract : These studies were designed to assess the in vivo effects of acute and chronic exposure to Pb on in vivo and in vitro humoral immune (HI) responses and cell-mediated immune (CMI) responses. In vivo and in vitro T-cell activities were evaluated by resistance to Listeria monocytogenes and mixed lymphocyte culture (MLC) reactivity, respectively; B-cell activities were quantitated by determination of plaque-forming cells (PFC); and macrophage activity was assessed by quantitating the degree of antigen (51 Cr-SRBC), binding, engulfment, and digestion. After acute and chronic in vivo Pb exposure, in vivo HI was consistently unaltered or in one case (0.5 mg Pb, Day 0), enhanced, and in vitro assessed HI usually was enhanced with the one exception of chronic exposure to 10 mM Pb which was suppressive. In vitro CMI (a direct correlate of T-cell reactivity) was inhibited by Pb to variable, but slight degrees (24-39% inhibition). Preliminary data also suggest that Pb does not inhibit macrophage activities. Overall, the direct effects of Pb on B-cell, T-cell, and macrophage functions do not appear to completely account for Pb's ability to suppress host resistance.

Descriptors :   *Toxicology, *Immunology, *Lymphocytes, *Phagocytes, *Lead(Metal), *Symposia, Exposure(General), Immunity, Resistance(Biology), Listeria monocytogenes, Tissue culture cells, In vivo analysis, In vitro analysis, Antigens, Metabolism, Immunosuppression, Toxicity, Mice

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