Accession Number : ADP001995

Title :   Rio Pilcomayo-Banado La Estrella (Argentina): LANDSAT Temporal Analysis of a Riverine Environment,


Personal Author(s) : Viola,A. B. ; Viola Binaghi,C. M. ; Brooner,W. G. ; Garofalo,D.

Report Date : JUN 1982

Pagination or Media Count : 7

Abstract : The Rio Pilcomayo-Banado La Estrella project focused on areas in Argentina and Paraguay where the Rio Pilcomayo is actively depositing sediments, frequently in excess of 100 million tons annually. Interventions in the river's course, through both mechanized channelization, and by seasonal overbank flow and varying depositional processes, continually alter the landscape. The principal objective of the project was to study temporal hydrological changes, physiography and land cover in the project area using multi-data digitally processed Landsat data, as well as climatological, hydrological and ground collected data. Multidate Landsat images were useful for identifying and mapping surface hydrological features, their spatial distribution, and river channel changes resulting from both normal flow processes as well as artificial diversions. A Landsat multispectral classification involving a combined unsupervised/supervised technique was used to map twelve (12) land cover categories in an area of 1,531,360 hectares. A digital temporal change analysis provided quantitative data of different surface hydrology conditions over three Landsat image dates, 1972-1978-1980. (Author)

Descriptors :   *Land areas, Argentina, Rivers, Hydrology, Vegetation, Aerial photography, Scientific satellites

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