Accession Number : ADP002021

Title :   Optimum Assessment of Subsurface Water Parameters Using Radiance Measurements from Space,


Personal Author(s) : Ueno,S. ; Kawata,Y.

Report Date : JUN 1982

Pagination or Media Count : 13

Abstract : In recent years, with the advent of LANDSAT, Skylab., and advanced Earth monitoring spacecrafts, there have been many examples of terrestrial imagery obtained from space over ocean and coastal regions. Whereas some show clearly ocean bottom surface, however, some show turbid plumes of sediment-bearing water in the littoral zone, or effluent extending seaward from river mouths. Then, it becomes increasingly important to evaluate the extent of the atmospheric degradation of the signal, because of the presence of the terrestrial atmosphere between atmospheric effects on the MSS data is estimated for clear sky and under stable condition. An aim of the present paper is to show how to compute the ordinary and inverse initial-value solutions of the transfer equation of radiation for the atmosphere-ocean system, in order to remove the atmospheric blurring effects on the oceanic imagery. An introduction of the effective surface albedo of the calm sea into the solution of the transfer equation for the composite system enables one to evaluate the ratio of the upward radiance to the optical parameters in the composite system. As a result, contour map of the digital counts near Kanazawa Harbor in Hokuriku region of Japan is produced from LANDSAT MSS data in band 5, and the associate map of the albedo of the sea surface is also presented. These maps are useful not only in monitoring the flow patterns, but also in providing the relative detailed features of turbidity of the coastal water from LANDSAT, allowing for the logarithmic relation between the diffuse reflectance and the suspended sediment concentration. (Author)

Descriptors :   *Light transmission, Aerial photography, Artificial satellites, Oceans, Optical images, Underwater, Earth atmosphere, Light scattering, Optical properties, Radiance

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