Accession Number : ADP002054

Title :   Vegetation Survey in Amazonia Using LANDSAT Data,


Personal Author(s) : Shimabukuro,Y. E. ; Santos,J. R. dos ; Aquino,L. C. S. de

Report Date : JUN 1982

Pagination or Media Count : 6

Abstract : The objective of this study is to analyze vegetation of the pilot area selected which is among the various program-areas of the Project for Rural Integrated Development (PRID) for Amazonas State. This study was done using automatic Image-100 analysis of LANDSAT data, through the MAXVER classification algorithm. In the pilot area, four vegetation units were mapped automatically in addition to the areas occupied for agricultural activities. The vegetation units are: upland dense forest; forest in humind areas; secondary vegetation and flood plains. Results from the print-out were verified in the ground observations and good correspondence was noted. The Image-100 classified results together with a soil map and the auxiliary information from RADAR images, permitted the establishment of the final legend with six classes. They are: semi-deciduous tropical forest; lowland evergreen tropical forest, secondary vegetation; tropical forest of humid areas, predominant pasture land and flood plains. In addition, the automatic analysis separated two other water types based on their sediments indicating different geological and geomorphological aspects. The physio-chemical conditions of water are associated with the agricultural productivity. When combined, this information facilities the planning for agricultural activities of upland and humid areas, and through these activities the rational utilization of the available resources in the Amazonas State.

Descriptors :   *Remote systems, *Geobotanical mapping, *Vegetation, Scientific satellites, Data acquisition, Land areas, Land use, Resource management

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