Accession Number : ADP002191

Title :   Atmospheric Electricity Threat Definition for Aircraft Lightning Protection,


Personal Author(s) : Melander,B. G.

Report Date : 1983

Pagination or Media Count : 37

Abstract : The AE threat definition includes threats of two basic types. The first includes all lightning-associated threats and the second includes static electrification threats. Cloud-to-ground lightning has been studied extensively and is used as the basis for the present lightning threat definition. The defined threat is compared to available cloud-to-ground lightning strike data. Intracloud discharges, which account for over half of all discharges, are less well studied, but usually are less severe. Direct strike measurements of intracloud lightning on an F-106 research aircraft during the NASA Storm Hazards Program are compared to the threat based on the cloud-to-ground discharges. Characterization of static electrification including streamers and corona are also included in the total atmospheric electricity threat. Static electrification is caused by both triboelectric and exogeneous charging which creates both corona and streamers.

Descriptors :   *Atmospheric electricity, *Aircraft, Avionics, Threats, Lightning, Electrostatic charge, Variations, Symposia

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