Accession Number : ADP002213

Title :   Lightning Interaction with USAF Aircraft,


Personal Author(s) : Corbin,J. C.

Report Date : 1983

Pagination or Media Count : 6

Abstract : This paper categorizes and analyzes data from 877 USAF aircraft lightning related mishap reports involving 56 aircraft types over a 13-year period (1970-1982). Aircraft are grouped into six general classes: Attack, bomber, cargo, fighter, trainer, and helicopter. Data are tabulated under two major headings: Operational conditions at the time of the lightning strike, and the effects of the strike. Operational conditions include aircraft attitude, aircraft altitude, outside air temperature, aircraft location (with respect to clouds), precipitation/turbulence, and electrical activity prior to the strike. Effects of the strike include attachment point, interference/outage, effect on mission, effect on personnel, structural damage, electrical/electronic damage, and repair/replacement costs. Interference/outage in the form of an abnormal condition observed following a strike was experienced in 20 percent of the reported lightning incidents. Aircraft mission was affected in 37 percent of the reported incidents but in most cases where lightning caused a precautionary abort subsequent ground inspection of the aircraft revealed only minor structural damage. Structural damage was experienced in 78 percent of the reported incidents. Electrical/electronic damage was sustained in 8 percent of the reported incidents. (Author)

Descriptors :   *Lightning, *Military aircraft, Interactions, Air Force equipment, Aviation accidents, Damage, Statistical analysis, Symposia

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