Accession Number : ADP002230

Title :   Electric Charging by Impact of Hailstones and Raindrops,


Personal Author(s) : Trinks,H. ; Haseborg,J. L. ter

Report Date : 1983

Pagination or Media Count : 8

Abstract : Hailstones, raindrops, and particles are electrically charged with charge values of 10 to the 14th - 10 to the 11th As. When the particles strike the surface of aircraft of rockets, charge transfer processes occur. Especially impacting particles with high velocity generate small clouds of dust or water vapor. This effect is accompanied by strong electric charge separation processes. An impacting hailstone with a primary charge of about Q sub o = l bar-o to the 13th As generates a secondary electric charge transfer of up to Q = l bar-o to the 11th As. Waterdrops and ice particles were shot against target plates. By electric field measurements and short-time shadow photographs, the impact processes were investigated experimentally. Model computations were performed.

Descriptors :   *Hydrometeors, *Electrostatic charge, Impact, Raindrops, Hail, Collisions, Aircraft, Charge transfer, Symposia, West Germany

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