Accession Number : ADP002251

Title :   Some Results from a Programme of Research into the Structure of Vortex Flow Fields Around Missile Shapes,


Personal Author(s) : Byram,T. R. ; Petersen,A. ; Kitson,S. T.

Report Date : JUL 1983

Pagination or Media Count : 20

Abstract : Wind tunnel tests have been performed to measure the leeside flow field of a generalized missile model at an angle of attack of 14 deg and freestream Mach numbers of 0.7 and 1.8. Flow field data are presented for a station towards the rear of the model showing the flow structure for the body alone and the effects of mounting a cruciform set of delta fins near to the nose and near to the base. The data presented include vector plots of the components of velocity in the cross flow plane, the distributions of local total pressure, local Mach number and vorticity. The presence of the set of forward mounted fins and its roll orientation has been found to have a significant effect on th development of the body vortices. Fins mounted towards the rear of the body were found to disrupt the body vortex feeding region but had little effect on the vortex centres unless these lay in or very close to the plane of the fins. (Author)

Descriptors :   *Vortices, *Flow fields, Guided missile models, Wind tunnel tests, Angle of attack, Fins, Mach number, Mounts, Free stream, Roll

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