Accession Number : ADP002274

Title :   Hypervelocity Missile - Based on the Concept of Aircraft/Missile Integration for Maximum Firepower,


Personal Author(s) : Aden,T. C.

Report Date : AUG 1983

Pagination or Media Count : 14

Abstract : The conventional approach to weapons for Close Air Support/Battlefield Interdiction (CAS/BI) missions has not provided NATO forces with affordable, effective firepower of the order required to defeat Soviet Army/Weapon Pact armored thrusts. The conventional approach has led to weapons that are either too expensive for stockpile and training purposes or too expensive to go to war. It has also fialed to provide NATO strike aircraft assigned to CAS/BI missions with concept intergrates current and emerging FCS technology with a low-cost, lightweight missile to provide NATO forces with a significant firepower improvement. The US Air Force has completed a series of ground-launched fight tests that have successfully resolved all technical issues critical to missile guidance, control and accuracy questions. This seris of successful demonstrations permits immediate continuation into an air-launch flight test environment to demonstrate the integration of the three critical elements--the aircraft, the FCS, and the missile.

Descriptors :   *Aircraft fire control systems, *Air to surface missiles, Guidance computers, Integrated systems, Symposia, Jet fighters, Attack bombers, Air to air missiles, Guided projectiles, Hypervelocity projectiles, Attitude control systems, Beam rider trajectories, air strikes, Interdiction, Guided missile computers, Firepower

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