Accession Number : ADP002283

Title :   An Integrated AFCS (Automatic Flight Control Systems) for the 'Profile'-Mode,


Personal Author(s) : Wust,P. ; Alles,W.

Report Date : AUG 1983

Pagination or Media Count : 11

Abstract : Existing Automatic Flight Control Systems for civil and military aircraft mostly use separate subsystems with a very limited amount of communication between the 'black boxes'. In order to obtain optimal flight guidance results one should use an integrated design which should reflect the coupled nature of such variables as airspeed and vertical speed. With the advent of the Flight Management Computer (FMC) with its flight profile management capability and accompanying new control modes such as the 'PROFILE'-mode the integrated AFCS becomes a must. Nevertheless the appropritate control system design method should be able to incorporate proven structures. This paper describes the structure of an integrated control system and the appropriate parameter design method using the AIRBUS A300 as an example. The structure of the system is characterized by: (1) a mixture of feedforward and feedback control thus allowing to separate the design of the command and disturbance characteristics; and (2) decoupling speed-and height loop. Within the scope of certain simplifications the design engineer prescribes eigenvalues of the entire system in a straight forward manner.

Descriptors :   *Flight control systems, *Integrated systems, Optimization, Computer applications, Automatic pilots, Feedback, Symposia, Airspeed, Coupling(Interaction), Attitude control systems, Eigenvalues, Thrust control, Flight paths, Pitch(Motion), Throttling, Decoupling(Interaction), Jet transport aircraft, Aeronautical engineering, West Germany

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