Accession Number : ADP002444

Title :   Application of Metal Hydrides for Gas Handling in Hydrogen Masers,


Personal Author(s) : Wang,H. T. M.

Report Date : 1983

Pagination or Media Count : 5

Abstract : Reversible interaction of hydrogen with certain metals and alloys have been employed to effectively satisfy the hydrogen supply and flow regulation, as well as vacuum maintenance requirements of a hydrogen maser. In addition to providing a significant reductions in maser size, weight and power consumption, the hydride components also lead to improved system reliability. A hydrogen supply for seven years of operation of an oscillating compact maser can be stored in 50 grams of LaNi5 or LaNi4.7A10.3. The source occupies a volume of less than 50 cc, including an electrically controlled palladium-silver alloy flow regulator. A combination getter-ion vacuum pump system for the maser was developed using a zirconium graphite getter. Operational experience indicates that for reliable maser operation, a clean, bakeable vacuum system design is a critical requirement.

Descriptors :   *Hydrides, *Masers, *Hydrogen, Metals, Alloys, Chemical reactions, Atomic energy levels, Gases, Ionic current

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