Accession Number : ADP002546

Title :   Buckling of Optical Fibers within Elastomers Used in an Embedded-Core Cable Structure,


Personal Author(s) : Blyler,L. L. , Jr. ; Gieniewski,C. ; Quan,X. ; Ghoneim,H.

Report Date : 17 NOV 1983

Pagination or Media Count : 7

Abstract : Optical fibers must be packaged in cable structures such that transmission losses due to microbending are minimized. In an embedded-core cable structure, the fibers are helically stranded within a core consisting of a central strength member surrounded by a low modulus elastomeric buffer in which the fibers are embedded. Excess losses due to fiber buckling within the elastomer may be incurred with this structure as a result of axial compressive loading of the fibers during cable bending. An experimental technique has been developed to evaluate the tendency of an optical fiber to buckle within the elastomer of an embedded core cable. The technique utilizes a sample in which a coated fiber is molded into a sandwich structure. The tendency to buckle is shown to be strongly related to the modulus of the elastomers high modulus elastomers provide buckling stability. The adhesive and frictional forces between the fiber coating and the elastomer are also obtained with the sandwich specimen. Adhesive failure and fiber slippage are shown to be compressive strain relief mechanisms with certain elastomers. In addition, a mechanism of fiber failure due to localized buckling is observed within high modulus, highly adherent elastomer when fibers are subjected to large compressive strains (greater than 3%). (Author)

Descriptors :   *Fiber optics, *Buckling, *Elastomers, Fiber optics transmission lines, Cables, Transmission loss, Bending

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