Accession Number : ADP002595

Title :   Carbon Film Research at Aerospace: Preparation, Characterization, and Pulsed DF Laser Damage of Coated Optics,


Personal Author(s) : Amimoto,S. T. ; Whittier,J. S. ; Whittaker,A. ; Chase,A. ; Hofland,R. , Jr

Report Date : 1982

Pagination or Media Count : 23

Abstract : Pulsed laser damaged levels of well characterized carbon (carbyne) films produced by rapid quenching of laser heated carbon gas will be reported. Single pulse DF damage levels of carbyne films on calcium fluoride were determined to be 25 J/sq cm on the best samples with damaged confined primarily to localized spots containing graphitic particles. The origin of these particles was identified as the heated graphite rod used as the source of the hot carbon gas. With uncoated CaF2, damage levels of 21 - 27 J/sq cm were measured. For carbon films on copper, damage levels of about 10 J/sq cm were measured in marked contrast to uncoated OFHC Spawr copper mirrors of 58 J/sq cm. Damage on copper was also initiated by numerous graphitic particulates. It thus appears that the removal of these particulates would result in higher pulsed damage levels in carbon films. Despite the relatively unsophisticated technique for producing carbyne coatings, we have shown that carbyne films are attractive candidates for protective coating applications.

Descriptors :   *Coatings, *Carbon, *Symposia, *Optical coatings, Pulsed lasers, Laser damage, Films, Thickness, Deposition, Calcium fluorides, Copper

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