Accession Number : ADP002745

Title :   Remote Sensing of Atmospheric Pressure and Sea State from Satellites Using Short-Pulse Multicolor Laser Altimeters,


Personal Author(s) : Gardner,C. S. ; Tsai,B. M. ; Abshire,J. B.

Report Date : AUG 1983

Pagination or Media Count : 11

Abstract : Short-pulse multicolor laser ranging systems are currently being developed for satellite ranging applications. These systems use Q-switched pulsed lasers and streak-tube cameras to provide timing accuracies approaching a few picoseconds. Satellite laser ranging systems have been used to evaluate many important geophysical phenomena such as fault motion, polar motion and solid earth tides, by measuring the orbital perturbations of retroreflector equipped satellites. Some existing operational systems provide range resolution approaching a few millimeters. There is currently considerable interest in adapting these highly accurate systems for use as airborne and satellite based altimeters. Potential applications include the measurement of sea state, ground topography and atmospheric pressure. This paper reviews recent progress in the development of multicolor laser altimeters for use in monitoring sea state and atmospheric pressure. (Author)

Descriptors :   *Altimeters, *Remote detectors, *Pulsed lasers, *Scientific satellites, *Range finding, *Barometric pressure, *Sea States, *Faults, Q switching, Tides, Polar regions, Short pulses, Artificial satellites, Measurement, Accuracy, Motion, Earth(Planet), Lasers, Solids, Geophysics, Time, Colors

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