Accession Number : ADP002809

Title :   Project: Acquisition Strategy,


Personal Author(s) : Majewski,W. D.

Report Date : 1983

Pagination or Media Count : 4

Abstract : This paper describes a concept that is being observed with skepticism and an unwillingness to change that pervades throughout the management levels of the major procurement communities. This paper will discuss the trends of the outlying smaller procurement offices that directly support production facilities in the United States Army. The growth in central procurement that is evolving hapharzardly is causing confusion throughout the procurement field. The principal elements that play a major role in this concept include, but are not limited to, delivery time, lead time, and general responsiveness on the part of the government; and speculative stocking, delivery time, lead time, cash flow, and investments on the part of the contractors/sellers. All of these elements play a formidable role in the recommendation to decentralization. This paper will discuss each of these items and will provide an explanation where the elements have a staggering effect upon the readiness and hence responsiveness of the military.

Descriptors :   *Government procurement, *Logistics support, *Army planning, *Management planning and control, Operational effectiveness, Operational readiness, Policies, Strategy, Stockpiles, Inventory control, User needs, Symposia

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