Accession Number : ADP002839

Title :   System Architecture: Key to Future Avionics Capabilities,


Personal Author(s) : England,G. R.

Report Date : OCT 1983

Pagination or Media Count : 6

Abstract : Appropriate architectural approaches in the physical, functional, information transfer, and control system areas are the key to future avionic capabilities. The appropriate architectures will provide dramatic improvements in system performance while simultaneously improving system availability, supportability, and affordability. The software and hardware technology required to achieve these architectural improvements are already here and simply need to be improved, properly applied, and integrated. The resulting weapon systems will, however, have widespread effects in many areas of operations, logistics, and equipment acquisition. Changes will be required in the way pilots are trained and conduct their missions. The proper pilot/vehicle interface will need to be developed to fully allow the pilot to act as a system manager. At the same time data must be provided to assure pilot confidence that the automated system is accomplishing properly the detailed operational tasks which were formerly accomplished manually. Procurement of avionic systems and spares will undergo a dramatic change. Common modules will likely to be procured directly by the military from software and hardware module sources and will be provided to avionic vendors. Avionic systems developers will find themselves creating special sensor and effector modules and function-unique software to be used with modules common to many other uses. With large numbers of throwaway modules, depot repair facilities and organizations will shrink, or the function will revert to the original manufacturer.

Descriptors :   *Avionics, *Systems management, Architecture, Computer applications, Systems approach, Modules(Electronics), Reliability(Electronics), Logistics support, Disposable equipment, Standardization, Integrated circuits, Functions, Information transfer, Control systems, Military training, Military aircraft

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