Accession Number : ADP002863

Title :   AFTI (Advanced Fighter Technology Integration)/F-16 - An Integrated System Approach to Combat Automation,


Personal Author(s) : Swortzel,F. R. ; Bennett,W. S. , II

Report Date : OCT 1983

Pagination or Media Count : 15

Abstract : The Advanced Fighter Technology Integration, AFTI/F-16 Program is developing and flight validating advanced technologies which improve fighter lethality and survivability. The capability is achieved by the integration of mission task tailored, digital flight controls with a director-type fire control system and advanced target sensor/trackers into an automated maneuvering attack system. The core technology in the AFTI/F-16 approach to this integrated system capability is the Digital Flight Control System (DFCS). Integrated with the on-board avionics system, the DFCS provides capabilities for maximum exploitation of flight/fire/weapon control and other subsystem integration. Task automation as applied to the fighter mission will be evaluated with AFTI/F-16's Automated Maneuvering Attack System (AMAS). Radar and FLIR/Laser sensor/trackers provide precise targeting information in AMAS for both air-to-air and air-to-surface attack. Careful attention is given the pilot/vehicle interface through multi-function displays, wide field-of-view HUD, predictive HUD symbology and hands-on controllers. Voice command is anticipated to be a key interface feature. The AMAS is expected to allow accurate weapon delivery from low altitudes while achieving increased survivability through maneuverability, the low altitude environment and stand-off delivery.

Descriptors :   *Avionics, Flight instruments, Integrated systems, Control systems, Bus conductors, Flight control systems, Aircraft fire control systems, Flight maneuvers, Tracking, Automation, Digital computers, Onboard, Targeting, Man machine systems, Interfaces, Weapon delivery, Low altitude, Jet fighters, Systems approach

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