Accession Number : ADP002868

Title :   Crew Station Evaluation in a Dynamic Flight Simulation Facility,


Personal Author(s) : Eyth,J. , Jr

Report Date : OCT 1983

Pagination or Media Count : 10

Abstract : The Naval Air Development Center is developing a Dynamic Flight Simulator (DFS) which will be used to evaluate crew station design concepts in the total G-force environment associated with controlled or uncontrolled flight of high performance military aircraft. The DFS combines the Center's unique human centrifuge with a high fidelity aircraft cockpit, computer-generated visual display system and a digital computer control system to become the world's first pilot-controlled simulation facility capable of reproducing the multidirectional, rapidly varying and sustained G-profiles of actual flight. The DFS will permit the evaluation of advanced aerodynamic configurations, cockpit displays and controls, crew systems and weapon systems in a flight envelope which far exceeds that of in-flight simulation or flight tests. The relative safety of the DFS enables hazardous flight regimes, such as spins and departures, to be investigated in a repeatable, statistically accurate fashion consistent with research and development evaluation facilities. As an adjunct to the DFS, the Center operates the Crew Station Evaluation Facility (CREST) to demonstrate and integrate current and emerging control and display technology, and to ensure operator/system compatibility early in the design cycle of Navy aircraft. The CREST laboratory complex is a total human factors to be developed and tested prior to dynamic evaluation in the DFS.

Descriptors :   *Flight simulators, *Cockpits, *Flight maneuvers, Centrifuges, Validation, Dynamic response, Flight control systems, Pilots, Display systems, High acceleration, Spinning(Motion), Aerodynamic configurations, flight envelope, Hazards, Flight paths, Buffeting, Avionics, Flight instruments, Man machine systems, Test facilities, Digital computers, Algorithms, Control systems

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