Accession Number : ADP002877

Title :   Lanchester's Equations and Game Theory,


Personal Author(s) : Wozencraft,J. M. ; Moose,P. H.

Report Date : DEC 1983

Pagination or Media Count : 6

Abstract : This article describes how generalization of Lanchester's Equations leads to a model of combat in which different types of Blue forces (say infantry, artillery, armor) suffer attrition due both to aimed and area fire from different types of Orange forces. The attrition coefficients depend on the types of forces and the conditions of combat. Command and Control decisions have great influence on the constraints governing the feasible set of different force compositions which can be brought to bear in a battle. It is hoped that better understanding of how these constraints affect the (optimum) battle outcome will provide insight into the quantitative impact of command and control information systems. Substantial additional work generalizing and interpreting the results to date will be necessary, however, before this becomes possible.

Descriptors :   *Lanchester equations, *Game theory, War games, Command and control systems, Battlefields

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