Accession Number : ADP002930

Title :   Job Performance and Brain Asymmetry: Relevance for Physical Security Personnel,


Personal Author(s) : Lewis,G. W.

Report Date : 01 JUN 1981

Pagination or Media Count : 13

Abstract : Conventional paper-and-pencil personnel testing is able to predict academic performance fairly well, but not on-job performance. This may be due to heavy reliance on left hemisphere brain processing (verbal, analytical). On-job performance may place heavy demands on right hemisphere brain processing (spatial, simultaneous). Three research projects are described, which relate on-job performance to brain asymmetry as measured by visual event related brain potential (VERP) procedures. The three projects relate VERP measures to aviator performance in F-4 fighter aircraft, antisubmarine warfare trainee performance on a sonar simulator, and enlistee promotions over three years. One of our most consistent findings relate to VERP asymmetry standard deviation (SD) measure to performance for the personnel tested in these three projects. The asymmetry SDs are least for high performers and greatest for low performers in both front and back brain areas. Relevance in applying brain wave measures to physical security personnel areas is discussed. Future directions of behavioral research using noncontact (magnetic) recordings from the brain are suggested for physical security personnel assessment. Plans for investigating possible holography applications are also noted. (Author)

Descriptors :   *Security personnel, *Performance(Human), *Psychophysiology, Brain, Asymmetry, Perception(Psychology), Response, Reaction(Psychology), Predictions, Job training, Area security, Symposia

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