Accession Number : ADP002951

Title :   Application of the Principal Component Method to Trajectory Estimation,


Personal Author(s) : Agee,W. S. ; Turner,R. H.

Report Date : FEB 1984

Pagination or Media Count : 11

Abstract : Measurements of range, azimuth, and elevation from several different radars are used to estimate the cartesian position coordinates of a vehicle trajectory at a sequence of times, t sub i, i=1N which cover the entire trajectory. Since the measurements are subject to systematic errors as well as random measurement errors, we also want to estimate the systematic error parameters or biases in addition to the trajectory coordinates. The resulting estimation problem is a combined linear and nonlinear estimation problem in which the trajectory coordinates appear as nonlinear parameters in the measurements and the biases appear as linear parameters in the measurements. Applications of principal components regression methods are discussed.

Descriptors :   *Trajectories, *Estimates, *Radar targets, Cartesian coordinates, Errors, Measurement, Range finding, Azimuth, Bias, Vector analysis, Nonlinear analysis, Linear systems, Elevation, Aerial targets, Regression analysis

Distribution Statement : APPROVED FOR PUBLIC RELEASE