Accession Number : ADP003044

Title :   An Application of New Slender Ship Theory to Series 60, C sub b = 0.60,


Personal Author(s) : Maruo,H. ; Ikehata,M.

Report Date : 17 NOV 1983

Pagination or Media Count : 20

Abstract : A new approach to solve the flow around a slender ship with forward velocity was previously presented and wave resistance was formulated newly. This new slender ship theory is based on the asymptotic expression of the Kelvin-source, that is the kernel function of the Neumann-Kelvin problem, around its track. The solution of the boundary value problem is equivalent to an approximation to the Neumann-Kelvin problem. The normal velocity on the hull surface is determined by an integral equation of the second kind of the Voltera type instead of one of the Fredholm type of the Neumann-Kelvin problem. It is solvable numerically by the marching procedure without great time-consuming matrix calculations. This method is expected to enable the numerical computation of the flow field around the hull of a ship to be more accurate even with the limited capacity of today's computers. Some numerical results for Series 60, C sub b = 0.6, hull are presented in this paper. The wave pattern and wave resistance are computed at two Froude numbers, 0.267 and 0.304. These results are better than those of Michell's theory in comparison with measured results. However, it costs much time to compute not only wave resistance but also wave pattern over some range of Froude numbers. More improvements are strongly desired in the numerical procedure.

Descriptors :   *Ship hulls, *Water flow, Boundary value problems, Water waves, Resistance, Slender bodies, Velocity, Numerical methods and procedures, Kernel functions, Volterra equations, Japan

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