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Title :   Naiad Research in Missouri,


Personal Author(s) : Buchanan,A. C.

Report Date : OCT 1983

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Abstract : Naiad research in Missouri has had an on-again, off-again history. The amount and types of research conducted have been directly related to the general interest in naiades commercially and environmentally. During the pearl button industry in the early 1900's, intensive research was conducted on the distribution and reproduction of naiades. Later, as the industry declined, so did the amount of research. The Endangered Species Act of 1973 revived interest in naiad research. All studies we have conducted fall into one or more of the following categories: (a) endangered species studies, (b) general species composition and distribution surveys, or (c) impact assessment. Endangered species and studies involved determining the distribution, relative abundance, and/or habitat requirements of either the pink mucket pearly mussle (Lampsilis orbiculata) or the Curtis pearly mussel (Epioblasma florentina curtisi) in one or several Missouri streams. General species composition and distribution studies involved determining the species composition and distribution of all naiad species in one or more streams. Impact assessments involved determining the species composition, particularly of endangered species, at one or more sites in a reach of stream likely to be impacted by dam construction, channelization, bridge construction, gravel dredging, sewage plan modernization (upgrading), or pollution of various types.

Descriptors :   *Mussels, *Research management, Endangered species, Distribution, Surveys, Environmental impact, Population, Ecosystems, Rivers, Aquatic biology, Missouri, Workshops

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