Accession Number : ADP003082

Title :   Effects of a Skewed Inlet End Wall Boundary Layer on the 3-D Flow Field in an Annular Turbine Cascade,


Personal Author(s) : Boletis,E. ; Sieverding,C. H. ; Van Hove,W.

Report Date : SEP 1983

Pagination or Media Count : 16

Abstract : This paper presents results of an experimental investigation on the effect of a skewed inlet boundary layer on the flow field in a low speed, low aspect ratio, high turning annular turbine nozzle guide vane. Three test series, differing by their degree of inlet skew, were performed. The flow was explored by means of double head four hole pressure probes in five axial planes from upstream to far downstream of the blade row. Results are presented in the form of contour plots and spanwise pitch-averaged distributions. The axial evolution of the measured pitch-averaged spanwise flow angle distribution is compared with a three dimensional, inviscid, rotational flow calculation.

Descriptors :   *Inlet guide vanes, *Skewness, *Boundary layer flow, Thickness, Flow fields, Three dimensional flow, Cascade structures, Pressure distribution, Secondary flow, Vortices, Low velocity, Aspect ratio, Hubs, Walls, Belgium

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