Accession Number : ADP003152

Title :   A Droplet Evaporation Rate Controlled Combustion Model,


Personal Author(s) : Bayka,A. D.

Report Date : 1984

Pagination or Media Count : 12

Abstract : A computational model for predicting the rate of heat released during combustion of a fuel injected into a combustion chamber is proposed. In the mathematical model the burning rate was based on the ignition of combustible mixture elements formed, each having different ignition delays, depending on the state parameters they were subjected to in the combustion chamber. The rate of heat release was related to the rate of evaporation of the injected fuel. The rate of evaporation of the fuel was related to the size distribution of the fuel droplets which was divided into several groups with different diameters. The diameter and temperature histories of the droplets in each group were simultaneously obtained depending on the instantaneous droplet velocity, the rate of injection, type of nozzle, fuel and heat transfered to the evaporation droplets. The total evaporation rate of the fuel at any instant was the summation of the evaporation rates of all the droplets present in the cylinder at any time. (Author)

Descriptors :   *Evaporation, *Drops, *Fuel injection, *Reaction kinetics, Heat of vaporization, Fuel sprays, Mathematical prediction, Rates, Heat transfer, Sizes(Dimensions), Release, Combustion, Burning rate, Velocity, Fuel nozzles, Combustion chambers, Mathematical models, Turkey

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