Accession Number : ADP003159

Title :   Optical Interactions of Aircraft Windscreens and HUDs (Head-Up Displays) Producing Diplopia,


Personal Author(s) : Genco,L. V.

Report Date : 15 DEC 1983

Pagination or Media Count : 8

Abstract : The Air Force is in the process of evaluating new, wide field of view heads-up displays (WFOV HUDs) capable of presenting an enhanced array of visual imagery to pilots of modern aircraft. The main findings of this study are: (1) observers are relatively intolerant of negative disparity, (2) longer viewing is more likely to lead to a diplopia effect than very short glances, (3) resistance to disparity appears to be an individual trait, and (4) a large proportion of responses involve suppression of the view from one eye. The overall median negative disparity threshold was 1.2 mrad and the overall positive threshold was 2.6 mrad. These values are recommended as the maximum disparities acceptable for wide-field-of-view Canopy-HUD optical systems. Since the values are so small, we further recommend that the canopy and HUD be treated as a system, with technical interaction between the vendors, and between the vendors and the USAF. The disparity values indicate the net difference between both system components, so optimization may be possible by appropriately matching the optics.

Descriptors :   *Windshields, *Head up displays, *Optical properties, Visual defects, Aircraft equipment, Optics, Interactions, Line of sight, Wide angles, Arrays, Images, Pilots, Aircraft, Integrated systems, Low altitude, Navigation, Targeting, Infrared equipment, Night, Holography, Canopies, Eye, Man machine systems, Human factors engineering, Reports

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