Accession Number : ADP003160

Title :   Sun/Moon Capture Evaluation,


Personal Author(s) : Wilson,W.

Report Date : 15 DEC 1983

Pagination or Media Count : 3

Abstract : Because of their optical characteristics, head-up displays (HUDs) have always interacted with various kinds of sunlight to produce unwanted reflections. Capture means that a HUD can and will capture or trap light and direct it into a pilot's eyes. This capture effect can result in both reflections and retroflections. Reflections occur when an external light source impinges on a reflective surface. Retroflections are light reflections that result from external light entering the hUD optics train, reflecting off the face of the cathode ray tube (CRT), and passing back out through the optics. Both the reflected and the retroflected image are called reflexes. With the introduction of diffractive optics technology, there is a need to describe how diffraction and conventional optics perform in the presence of collimated light sources, such as that provided by the sun and moon.

Descriptors :   *Head up displays, *Optical properties, *Sunlight, *Moonlight, Interactions, Traps, Radiation absorption, Reflection, Retroreflectors, Optics, Cathode ray tubes, Impingement, Surfaces, Reflexes, Diffraction, Collimators, Fiber optics, Test methods, Man machine systems, Pilots, Eye, Light sources

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