Accession Number : ADP003162

Title :   Direct Performance Assessment of HUD (Head-Up Display) Display Systems Using Contrast Sensitivity,


Personal Author(s) : Ginsburg,A. P.

Report Date : 15 DEC 1983

Pagination or Media Count : 12

Abstract : A major problem with creating performance-related metrics has been the lack of analytical throughput, that is, the ability to characterize relevant target information in the same language used to specify system capability, visual processes and performance metrics such as detection range. Unified metrics of display quality are neded that directly relate target information to display capability and operator performance. Although the physics of displays are well understood, there has been a lack of understanding and inability to quantify visual target acquisition. However, increased understanding of visual science now, when coupled with linear systems analysis, promises to create unified performance-based metrics. In particular, contrast sensitivity changes to sine-wave gratings imaged through a display system yield a contrast sensitivity function that can be related to detection range. The spatial frequency bandwidth of relevant target information can be related to changes in the contrast sensitivity function, which, in turn, can be related to changes in target contrast and detection range. This paper discusses an application of this approach for quantifying the detection range impact of several different headup (HUD) displays.

Descriptors :   *Head up displays, *Performance tests, Test and evaluation, Test methods, Contrast, Sensitivity, Systems analysis, Visual perception, Target acquisition, Linear systems, Mathematical analysis, Gratings(Spectra), Sine waves, Image processing, Target detection, Range(Distance), Spatial distribution, Frequency, Bandwidth, Visual targets, Performance(Engineering), Man machine systems, Operators(Personnel), Performance(Human)

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