Accession Number : ADP003329

Title :   Perceptual Factors in Low Altitude Flight,


Personal Author(s) : Haber,R. N.

Report Date : APR 1984

Pagination or Media Count : 5

Abstract : The pilot's number one priority when flying low and fast is avoiding the ground. The ground gives no margin for error. Survival and successful performance requires the pilot's full understanding of the interactions of mission task demands, flight aerodynamics, usefulness of available visual information, and allocation of attention. This paper summarizes what is known about these factors. The following topics are covered: the basic aerodynamic performance characteristics of concern during low altitude flight; what aspects of the terrain and instrumentation provide correct information about ground clearance and terrain avoidance; what flying low and fast requires of perception and attention; and how the interaction of mission taks demands with the limitations imposed by the physics of the aerodynamics restrict the conditions of attending and perceiving. (Author)

Descriptors :   *Pilots, *Perception(Psychology), *Performance(Human), *Flight maneuvers, Low altitude, Visual perception, Attention, Aerodynamics, Research management, Information exchange, Symposia

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